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Current opportunities

Position Location
Payroll and Benefits Manager AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
Administer the creation and distribution of information about timekeeping, payroll, benefits and other employee-related programs of Shakey’s. Facilitate and ensure the accurate and timely implementation of benefits and compensation programs for employees.
Call Center Officer AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To assist the Delivery Call Center Manager in building optimal delivery and online sales by implementing delivery policies, standards and programs in the Call Center that will help the store achieve WOW-ing delivery results.
Senior Developer AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To deploy in-house and/or outsourced IT Systems that will effectively communicate the company's objectives and campaigns as aligned to our corporate beliefs.
Demand and Replenishment Supervisor AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To monitor and control the demand of supplies, replenishment of stocks and forecasting processes and procedure that will improve forecasting accuracy and replenish supplies at minimum cost while providing high product availability.
Assist the Inventory and Control Manager in the assessment of the adequacy of internal controls related to recording, valuing, reporting, and safeguarding the company’s fixed assets especially during store construction, renovation or closure.
Business Development Officer AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To orchestrate the franchising and business development activities of the Regional Business Unit. This primarily involves supporting the RBU Head in building a strong, cohesive and competitive store network through constant review and updating of trade areas, strategic and aggressive site acquisition and managing the evaluation of applications and approval of quality franchise partners.
Area Business Manager AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To oversee the day-to-day operations of an Area comprised of both Co. Owned and Franchise Restaurants to ensure achievement of business results thru effective and efficient planning and execution of action plans aligned to the operational programs and strategies set by the RBU Head and congruent to the organizational strategy.
Mobile App Developer AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To lead the design, development and maintenance of Mobile-based applications that will effectively strengthen the brand positioning and image of Shakey’s and at the same time enhance the mobile user experience.
To assist the Technical Services Director in designing, implementing and continuously improving an effective and cost-efficient maintenance plan that shall ensure that all company-owned restaurants are provided at all times with equipment and facilities-including electrical, mechanical and plumbing, that are in good shape. To help provide the Store Operations group with beautiful, operations-friendly and cost- effective stores and develop effective maintenance programs and systems that will provide them the proper facilities to allow them to execute their operations efficiently and effectively.
Restaurant Marketing Coordinator AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To ensure the smooth flow of Party/Functions he/she is accountable in supervising the Party staff as they attend to bookings and inquiries, plan and hold the event. The incumbent is also expected to assist the Restaurant Manager in executing Restaurant Marketing Plans and train Party staff on various stations to develop them for Captainship. Contribute to the attainment of the Business Unit’s goal.
Business Development Officer AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To enable the department to effectively come up with highly profitable business models in new and existing formats and identify strategic store locations that will tap highly profitable markets.
Operations Manager AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To assist the RBU Head in managing the day-to-day operations of the Restaurants and ensure effective and efficient implementation of all operational strategies and programs as aligned towards the overall organizational goals. The job entails providing detailed review and analysis of the Area Business Manager’s results and gives direction and guidance on ways and means to optimize sales, profit, QSCH targets utilizing proper people practices.
Loyalty Program Lead AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig
To ensure outstanding results of the SuperCard Program by developing marketing programs and promotions, implementing guidelines and procedure to all stores, determining the right metrics to help the broader business understand how best to manage the SuperCard lifecycle and ensuring proper monitoring of stocks of SuperCard and maintenance and mining of database.